Welcome to www.Indiantvtoday.com. I live all over the globe with my hubby and two cute sons. I am bitten by various leisures which includes certain joys of life like reading, writing, Talking, indulging in yoga, dancing to glory and recently some new ones have attacked upon me and they have added new joys like Golfing, swimming, cycling and learning some latest skills of different forms of dance. Enjoying life and celebrating each moment of it is my MANTRA for life. I love to invite friends over to my nest for casual dinners and dance parties. I am highly social and out going variety. Catching up with the latest films in multiplexes with my kids and hubby, shopping and hunting for junk jewelery and clothes are my favorite sports. Let me tell you that I am a staunch believer of KARMA and at the same time I also admire well behaved, well dressed and people with a golden heart. My own personal joys involve talking on the phone for long to long lost friends and catching up with life around and my personal recordings of Radio Jockeys play station playing in the background.

Now why should you be our guest
Well for a long time now, I had been thinking and talking rather derogatory things about the not-so-professional quality of TV programs that were being shown on Satellite TV. And the best or the worst part of all of it was that we were unable to do anything about it. The method of getting ratings was lopsided and there was no real place where viewers, audience, the actors, the producers and the media could come and discuss the program and its pros and cons. Hence I really decided to take help from Vikram (my brother-in-Law) abroad and develop a friendly site where any and everyone could come and discuss any and everything about the last serial that they have watched. Its not like other sites which are only discussion forums and here you will find a nice place where the reviews of previous programs would come up and you can start your own threads.

If you ask me one particular reason for the creation of this site, I will not be able to give you any one particular reason. It is more of a creation of my thoughts, ideas, and sincerity towards The Indian Television world. Honestly speaking for me, it is like giving birth to a baby. I have created it mentally, physically and emotionally friends. At the same time, I also feel a tremendous sense of responsibility for my site (MY BABY). My motive is to be honest, provide information to my readers and make it little entertaining and loving to be on my site. After all the nourishing and caring done to it, I do hope that it RISES AND SHINES not like a Star but like a Sun. Also we must keep on adding on things to our area of work and hence decided that we add categories where people can write on topics like spirituality, travel, food, sports etc.


SIMPLE LIVING, HIGH THINKING and simple writing as well.

Another very important aspect of our site is the numerous reality game shows that are being telecast today wherein you or me can get a chance to be the next Indian Idol or superhero and change our lives forever. Many a occasion we just don’t get to know that this particular audition is open, or the phone lines for this program are open, or the last date is approaching or that the audition is being held in our neighborhood tomorrow. So we decided to put all the latest information on the reality shows which are currently on and live available for everyone so that a single platform is required for you to become a star, from a single site you can get all the information needed to prepare and also succeed. So do log on and get the latest info for your next game show. So, All the Best to you and may you win the next 2 crores on KBC live.

You can also discuss your Favorite Indian Television Shows here in an smooth and friendly environment. We would also welcome if you would like to write for us and give us daily updates of various serials and we would also publish them along with your signature on display. This site is a welcome change for all and is also a safe and friendly place for all ages to browse. You can also participate in our contests and win great prizes. You win great prizes for your contribution to our special program of MAN MEIN HAI VISHWAS which is a place where you can tell the world about real life miracles which God has bestowed upon you or any one known to you.
Finally, I find our website hooking so Browse and get lost in this ocean of information

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