About Us

About DIYCraftVideos.com

DIYCraftVideos was started by the team behind Craftbits.com (1000's of free craft projects) and CraftGossip.com (Learn about the latest in craft).

We originally hosted craft videos on Craftbits.com but as the demand for more videos grew, we realized that it might be best to build a community around a video sharing site. This way, you can visit Craftbits.com for tons of printable craft ideas and come to DIYCraftVideos.com for a visual way to see how several of the popular crafts are done.

Of course, here on DIYCraftVideos.com, you can also upload your own DIY videos, share them with your family and friends and discuss the how-to/DIY techniques shown in these videos.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at help@diycraftvideos.com